The UCLA Alpha Clinic provides the necessary infrastructure, and medical and operational expertise to effectively and efficiently drive novel stem cell therapies to clinical trials and ultimately change clinical practice. To accomplish our mission, we are working to achieve the following five goals:

  • Creating a center of excellence for cell-based therapeutics that addresses the unique challenges of testing and delivering novel cell therapies by integrating and building upon the extensive experience and many strengths of UCLA and our partners;
  • Building interactive and highly trained teams and electronic data sharing systems to accelerate and translate discovery to improve human health;
  • Transforming the delivery of cell therapeutics through our proven Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities;
  • Advancing, expanding, and integrating educational opportunities to inform patients, families, communities, and clinicians of the full range of scientifically sound and medically appropriate, regulated stem cell-based clinical trials while providing objective information about potentially dangerous and unproven procedures;
  • Serving as a regional, national and international resource for evidence-based best practices in stem cell treatments.